The first meeting of the Society, initially called the Falkirk Gramophone Society,
was held in the Falkirk Temperance Café on January 7th, 1958.
At that time the monophonic gramophone record was the standard format for classical music.
In 1960 the Society became the first in Scotland to give a recital in stereo.
Nowadays nearly all the music played is on compact disc,
although there is still a turntable and a cassette deck available.

The meeting place has changed four times since 1958 and is now in
the Brown Street Hall belonging to the Camelon Parish Church.

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This is a fairly central location with adequate parking space outside the main entrance in Mansionhouse Road.
The meetings are usually in two halves, with a break for tea and biscuits, and finish before 10 p.m.

The music played at the meetings is predominantly classical, but there is sometimes some jazz or folk music.
The programmes are presented by members of the Society, and a variety of guest speakers.

Each season the Society hires a coach from Falkirk to take the members and friends to a
concert in either Glasgow or Edinburgh. This has become a tradition and is always popular.

The membership at present is just short of twenty,
but as there is enough space in the hall for many more, new members will be made very welcome.
The membership fee is £12 and visitors are invited to join us at a cost of £1 per evening.

For further information please contact either:
Mike Turnbull, Publicity Officer
‘Phone: 01324 627115
Mr Ian Osborne, Hon. Secretary at 5 Jock's Hill Crescent, Linlithgow, EH49 7BJ
'Phone: 01506 842858

The syllabus for thecoming season 2012 - 2013 includes the following:

Sep. 25
"Edvard Grieg"
Mike Turnbull
Oct. 9
"Bloomed in the USA"
Rev. David Archer
Oct. 23
"Sir Hubert Parry"
John Maidment
Nov. 6
"Poetry Please"
Robin Bell
Nov. 24(SAT)
RNSO Glasgow Outing
Dec. 4
Christmas CDs
Jan. 15
2012 Releases
Mike & Ian
Jan. 29
"Desert Island Discs"
Jean Osborne
Feb. 12
"More Romantic Moods"
Feb. 26
Ian Osborne
Mar. 12
"A Perfect Fifth"
David Duncan
Mar. 26
"Brief Encounters"
David Archer
Apr. 9
Annual General Meeting
Apr. 27(SAT)
FRMS Scottish Group Music Day at St. Fillans


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