Equipment All-risks Section

What is the amount of cover?
There is a choice of insured values to suit the requirements of individual societies. Cover is offered in bands of "up to" £1000, £1500, £2500, £3000 and £4000 with variable levels of premium. Insured values are "reinstatement/replacement" values.

Who is covered?
Affiliated societies who have opted for participation, details having been lodged with the Insurers. (Special endorsement (SE) 01). There is no cover for loss or damage if an affiliate lends or hires its equipment to another party, e.g. a school or a church.

What risks are covered?
All risks, including accidental damage, fire and theft. The property is insured "anywhere in the United Kingdom, including transit". This means that cover is not limited to any one venue nor any one location. The equipment is covered at your normal venue, at any other venue where a society may have decided to use its equipment (perhaps giving a programme to another group), wherever the equipment is stored including in members' homes, or in transit between locations. Please note the exclusions referred to below.

What property is covered?
The policy schedule states …….. "Sound Reproducing & Ancilliary Equipment". In practice this means your "hi-fi" equipment, e.g. amplifiers, mixers, CD players, cassette players, mini-disc players, turntables & cartridges, speakers, speaker stands, PA equipment, combined stereo midi systems, etc., and all associated cabling, power leads & extension cables, plugs, sockets, adaptors, headphones and any cabinets in which any equipment may be incorporated.

Are there any specific exclusions?

1/ Strictly …… "theft is not covered unless the equipment is contained in a lockfast building of substantial construction" (SE 03)
In practice this means that equipment kept in locked or unlocked storage within almost any lockable venue building, any alternate building or in members' homes would be covered. The only exceptions would be if the equipment were to be stored in an "unsubstantial" building, such as a domestic garden shed, or if the equipment were to be left unattended, in open premises, and in full public view. A claimant would have to demonstrate that it had taken all reasonable precautions to protect its property.

2/ Strictly ……. "Loss/damage is not covered whilst unattended away from premises, other than from a totally enclosed separate luggage compartment in a locked vehicle". (SE 04)
In practice this means that if the equipment is in a separate boot compartment of a saloon car or in the luggage compartment of a "hatchback" vehicle and hidden by the parcel shelf, then it is covered. Cover could be compromised if left in the visible interior of a locked vehicle. Theft from an unlocked vehicle is NOT covered.

Who administers the policy?
This section of the Combined policy is administered in association with the Federation's broker Marsh Commercial. Changes to the list of participating societies are advised by the Federation. Changes to insured values should be advised by the societies themselves. Marsh Commercial prepares the invoices for the premiums and collects the payments directly from the societies.

What is the excess deductible in the event of any claim?
For insured values up to £1500, the excess is £50; over £1500, the excess is £100.

Are there any responsibilities?
Yes. If anything happens which is or may be the subject of a claim, notice must be given without unreasonable delay. The police must be informed where appropriate. The usual conditions as to minimising losses and co-operating with the insurers and such like apply. If a claim or possible claim arises, seek guidance from the Federation.

These notes have been checked by our Broker for general accuracy, but please note that these comments are for general information and guidance based on our understanding of the policy and do not purport to be an exhaustive or authoritative interpretation of the 33 page document which is available for inspection if the circumstances warrant such depth of enquiry.

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